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Art Is About The Process, Not The Product

fingerpaintingArt is expression. Through art, children are able to express their joy, fear, anger, curiosity or sadness. Art can also be a powerful form of therapy.

Art is about the senses – all 7 of them.

Sometimes art will simply flow from a child, with no conscious plan, idea or outcome. But other times, children are using thinking skills, taking a concept and choosing materials, colors, etc. to create what they envision.

Art can be science. When children mix colors they are learning cause and effect. They experiment with textures, colors, lines and materials. They are learning how materials react with each other, and when they discover what methods or mediums work together and which don’t, they are problem solving.

When children are introduced to art and its mediums, techniques and even theory and history, they also learn the language of art. Art gives children opportunities to express themselves, not just through the art itself, but as they talk about what they have created.

Drawing, painting, cutting, gluing, tearing, lacing, kneading… Art is fine motor development. But, it can also be gross motor development as you can see in this fantastic article called “Big Art”.

Art doesn’t just happen in the art area. It happens outdoors, in the block area, in the music area, the science area and even in the Library. When we provide a variety of materials and allow children to freely explore experiment and express themselves, Art happens.

Art is not teacher directed. Art is not about what something is “supposed to look like”.
Art is what we feel, what we see, and what we need to express.
Art Is About The Process, Not The Product.

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